daiyi! (chris‚ö°)

wayward alpinist, hitchhiker, & technomancer

I was raised by the internet in the dreamy summer haze of Southern California. I have the gnarliest sandle tan, the loudest laugh of any introvert, and the window into my soul is probably my eyebrows.

The last year or so I've been intermittently living in Berlin, working on personal, community, & open source projects, hanging out with the most excellent clojure community <3, doing talks & technical drawings, on the road with a backpack hitchhiking & making travelogue comic journals, and dirtbagging for climbing and canyoning. It's been good and hard and about as exhausting as that sentence was to read! and now I feel the pull to stabilize and focus. It appears that life is bring me back to the West Coast (: I am looking to join a team doing something socially responsible with interesting engineering, let me know if you hear of anything good!

have you met me?

We might have interacted: ClojureBridge Berlin, Caltech/gdbg, Convox, Trustroots, iAV

currently learning

Scaling systems & communities, reading canyons for aquatic danger, reading avalanche terrain, reading the internet and not feeling sad. Ski touring, handstands & slacklining! Ice climbing???

other interests

trad climbing, riding bicycles, open-water swimming, long distance backpacking, motorcycles, nature journaling & sketchbooks, sharing/free economy, intentional communities, social and political sustainability, vidya games, scifi, web comics

places I <3

California (!!), Yosemite/the High Sierras, Spanish Pyrenees, Piatra Craiului, Velebit, unpopular opinion: San Francisco