daiyi! (chris‚ö°)

wayward alpinist, hitchhiker, & technomancer

I was raised by the internet in the dreamy summer haze of Southern California. I love web technologies and mountains! I also draw weird stuff (if we've hung out you're probably in my sketchbook) and have the loudest laugh of any introvert. Intersectionality or gtfo.

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After a two month hitchhiking & wild camping trip in the Balkans, I'm back in Berlin where I will be contributing to re-frame through RGSoC <3 In the long term seeking a particularly righteous[*] [:project :city :mountains] combination in which I can build with technology in socially responsible ways.

have you met me?

We might have interacted: ClojureBridge Berlin, Caltech/gdbg, Convox, Trustroots, iAV

currently learning

building systems in clojure/(script), german (aaaah), handstands, drawing maps, bouldering

other interests

(trad) climbing, riding bicycles, open-water swimming, long distance backpacking, motorcycles, nature journaling & sketchbooks, sharing/free economy, intentional communities, social and political sustainability, vidya games, scifi, web comics

places I <3

California (!!), Yosemite/the High Sierras, Spanish Pyrenees, Piatra Craiului, Velebit, unpopular opinion: San Francisco